Unlock the creativity and innovation in your community through collaboration


Digital Placemaking & Landscape Architecture Services

Place Jam® is a digital place-making consultancy that unlocks the creativity and innovation in communities through collaboration. This is achieved by:

  • Reconnecting people with the outdoors to improve community health, strengthening the local economy and nurturing ‘sense of place’.

  • Recognising the necessity for outdoor spaces to become ‘digitally enabled’ aspects of our modern cultural landscape.

  • Connecting with communities to establish locations that can benefit from upgrade and rejuvenation.

  • Empowering communities to generate content through creative consultation techniques.

  • Adopting a pioneering, forward thinking approach to digital placemaking.

Our Services

Place Jam® offer a range of services to forward thinking clients, businesses, government bodies and institutions.



Interactive events that demonstrate the broad benefits of Digital Placemaking; network, generate ideas in teams, and create experimental digital content for real world locations.


Learn about the benefits of Digital Placemaking in the wider context of our cities and the landscape.

Community Engagement

Tailored activities to engage communities and generate creative content with specific locations in mind.

Research in practice

Practice based approach to develop and test new ideas, working in conjunction with academic institutions and other bodies.

Design and Development

Progression of community ideas and integration as part of the physical upgrade of spaces. This can extend to downloadable products with delivery partners for ongoing use by communities.

Strategic Development

Liaison with stakeholders, community groups, businesses, and governing authorities to develop a Digital Placemaking strategy.

Places in Time

Digitally re-create places in virtual reality that you have been in the real world, which may no longer exist. These can be places meaningful to individuals and communities.


“The session was very enjoyable

and informative. The activities were

well executed and I learnt a lot from it”

Anna Beatham 

Landscape Architect, CW Studio

Ready to find out more?

Place Jam® engages with professionals, academics, businesses, and communities to actively promote the benefits of Digital Placemaking across a range of locations and sectors.

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