Unlock the creativity and innovation in your community through collaboration

Our approach


Place Jam® reconnects people with the outdoors; improving community health, strengthening the local economy and nurturing sense of place. Sense of place can be attributed to community knowledge and values of their built and natural environment.  


Place Jam® recognises the necessity for outdoor spaces to become digitally enabled areas of the modern cultural landscape. This can be achieved through the use of immersive technology to develop visualisations and hybrid reality experiences, and as part of the upgrade or adaptation of spatial use.  These experiences can manifest in a number of ways, including new forms of play, exploration, and discovery.


Place Jam® connects with communities to establish locations that can benefit from upgrade and rejuvenation. This includes locations such as public squares, streets, parks, playgrounds, schools, or a series of interconnected spaces across the urban and rural environment.


Place Jam® empowers communities using creative consultation techniques to generate meaningful content for integration as part of hybrid reality spatial experiences. Communities can contribute in many ways including design adaptation, artwork, stories or music.


Place Jam® is a pioneering approach to digital placemaking ideally suited to forward thinking government bodies,  councils, community groups, schools, and institutions. Clients may wish to capitalise on new technology to reach new audiences, but may be unsure how it can be tailored to the spaces they manage, or harnessed to create bespoke designs and experiences.