Places in Time

Place Jam® can create Places in Time as both real-time and 360° virtual reality experiences. Digital modelling enables clients and the community to view and explore significant places in time; past, present and future. These can be places of interest, commemoration; meaningful to individuals, such as homes and gardens, or public places that resonate with the wider community.


If you would like to know more about any of the projects featured or have enquiries about future projects we would love to hear from you.

Case Studies

Recreating the Odeon by Place Jam® is our most recent project. The former Odeon on Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne was demolished in 2017. The Theatre had opened in 1931 as the Paramount, before being purchased by Odeon in 1940. The building had been grade II listed in 1999, but this was later revoked and once it ceased functioning as a cinema  2002, it became increasingly dilapidated. It was an important cultural setting in the heart of Newcastle for many years and was noted for its architectural and interior grandeur. 

Place Jam® have modelled the building, including the interior, as a VR experience. Click on our store to find out more. 

The Piccadilly Gardens project by Place Jam® saw the re-creation of a former sunken garden in a prominent civic location in Manchester. Historic photos, film footage, and maps provided the context to create the virtual experience, which is being refined for commercial use.

Place Jam® have modelled the former gardens as a VR experience.

Click on our store to find out more. 

The Keona Road project by Place Jam® saw the re-creation of an elderly persons former residency, leveraging off old photos, film and personal accounts to develop a comprehensive virtual reality model. This is an experience they have been able to access whilst in aged care.

A 360° preview of the gardens can be viewed here.